Tuesday, November 04, 2008

You Might Be a ...

Tonight, we're eating pizzas at the in-laws, watching Presidential election results, and the guys are cleaning guns.

So, fill in the blank. You might be a _____________ (Republican, Democratic, Libertarian, etc.) if you clean guns while watching the Presidential election.

I voted early and actually took Kaity with me. It was really easy and painless. Alachua County is pretty efficient with this kind of stuff (plus about 50,000+ residents of the county don't actually claim this county as their residence). John voted today in Micanopy - again very easy. On the other hand, my parents in Tampa waited 2 hours to vote early at 7 am! I'm so encouraged by the number of people turning out to vote this year. It's fantastic!


AlliJean said...

HA! I gave you the idea for this post. I didn't have to wait at all to vote yesterday afternoon. Although I feel like the majority of people in my precinct are students and don't vote here anyway.

Jen said...

No wait for me either, unless you count the man blocking the entrance to the gym, trying to figure out how to turn his cell phone to "silent."

Given where we live, I'll fill that blank in with either Libertarian (if you can find one!) or Republican.


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