Sunday, November 16, 2008


Does anything more need to be said? It was a blowout and a pretty amazing on at that. They didn't even get a touchdown. Way to go Gators!

We had a great time attending TailGator (the alumni event) and the game yesterday. The game is never as enjoyable for me as it is for John. I can't see since I'm so short plus it was cold and rainy. We did stay through the third quarter. And, then headed home with pizza.

TailGator was nice. Erin and Alli both came and then took the kids home with them. The kids had a blast. Kaity LOVED the baby gators and they actually had to ask her to stop petting them so other people could. Will spent most of his time in front of the live bee hive. Ask him some time where honey comes from. He now knows.

Before we left the house, Erin took a picture of us while everyone was still fairly clean.

It's not often that all three of us are together in one place.

This is my boss, Dr. Nell. He's great. He came and supported me at TailGator. This is the "tall and short of it" picture. He's 6'7" or so and I'm 4'10" - we look pretty funny going to meetings.

The kids met Alberta and, of course, loved her. Who doesn't love a 5 foot gator wearing lipstick?

Kaity's been fascinated with cheerleaders since football season started. She has these great moves that she does and really cheeses it up. Once our new Y opens, I think I'll have to enroll her in cheering or at least gymnastics. Here's a series of photos of her "moves."

We have a ton of these photos where we're trying to get a good family picture. This was after the awards part and after the kids have had quite a bit of frosting and cake. Most of the photos are terrible. They shoot finally ended with Kaity crawling through Daddy's legs - which Alli actually captured.

Here's the one good photo we got of us.

John got some great pictures of the field (since I couldn't see it.) It was fun and I've been to my annual game. That's enough for me till next year.

After we got home, our friend Cathy came over and Scot and several of his friends. We ended up staying up to watch the Kentucky/Alabama game and the kids didn't go to bed till 11 or so. They were tired this morning.

Okay, several corrections - first we watched the Kentucky and Alabama games. Two separate games apparently. I don't know - they kept flipping back and forth.

Second - Jen kindly pointed out that I didn't say what the plaque was for. I received the CALS Alumni Horizon Award which is for successful alumni who have graduated in the last 10 years. Dr. Nell came and supported me at the big TailGator event. John had never met Dr. Nell until this weekend (he kept saying that he didn't exist), so he made sure to get a picture of us to preserve that he's a real person.


Jen said...

You do realize that you only made a vague reference to why Dr. Nell was in that photo with you at TailGator - and don't even mention why you're holding a plaque! Did you win an award or something, hmmm?

Kim said...

What a fun day!!!


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