Thursday, December 23, 2010

Light Up Micanopy 2010

Light Up Micanopy was great again this year. The kids sang in their school performance and entered their cookies in the cookie bake-off. Kaity did red velvet whoopie pies. They looked very pretty but the cookies weren't the right proportion to the filling.

Will entered pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting. It was his cookie idea and he did most of the mixing and dolloping although I had to frost them all. He ended up winning overall cookie and won $8. He was very excited.

The kids also met the "real" Santa. It's the grandpa of one of our 4-Hers and he really looks like the real Santa. He's got a fantastic costume and great beard. Both the kids are really into Santa this year. I think it will be the last year for Santa for Will but this year he REALLY believes. When he wrote his letter, he said he wanted "elf shoos." When I asked him why, he said "because no one else will think to ask for that, so I'll probably get it." Which means this Santa had to think fast and come up with elf shoes. They should be delivered today. He also has repeatedly asked Santa for a Wii to replace the one that was stolen. He also helped Kaity write her letter and sealed it before I had a chance to read it. Not sure what it said, but I know she asked for bouncy balls.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gator Basketball

We finally took the kids to a Gator basketball game the week of Thanksgiving. We've never been before and it was loads of fun. The best part (for me) is that it's inside and the chairs have backs. The only reason Kaity goes is to meet Albert. She about had a conniption fit because he was taking too long to get to us, but finally he made it over there.

Will absolutely loved going. He's recently really gotten into basketball and they play at school quite a bit so he actually understood most of the game. He spent the entire game yelling "shoot, shoot!" and "defense!" at the appropriate times. I thought he would get bored, but he was totally enthralled and wanted to stay till the very end.

The other thing that he really wanted was to get on the big screen. He did a lot of waving with the pom poms (we had to give him a two foot berth all the way around) and dancing. I guess those hip hop classes are paying off.

We're hoping to go to one more game this season (maybe tonight!) Tickets are about $10/each, but I guess that's the same as going to the movies.

Camp Cloverbud

Also in November, the kids and I headed to Camp Cloverbud. Usually kids can't go to 4-H overnight camp until they're 8. And, it's for a week so it's really overwhelming for new campers and their parents. So I pitched an idea to our 4-H agent to do a parent/kid overnight camp to where they do summer camp. That way the 5-7 year olds could go and see what it's like, mom and dad can feel more comfortable with it, and hopefully we recruit more summer campers.

We went from Saturday noon to Sunday noon in November. It was COLD. Especially for our little ones. So, we ended up staying in the nice adult cabin rather than the unheated cabins the summer campers stay in. But, we had a great time and did all the normal camp stuff - crafts, campfire, food. We're already planning for next year and making it a two night event so we have all day Saturday at the camp. It was a hit and a lot of fun, but very exhausting!

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Visiting Good Friends

I haven't been very good at blogging the last two months, but we've been really busy. And, I haven't been very good at taking pictures either. So, I'm going to try to post a bunch of mini recaps in the next couple of days while I'm on vacation.

In early November, we headed to Athens, Georgia to visit John's college roommate, Ryan and his girlfriend Ashley. We spent a couple days with them and were able to hike in some of the local state parks. Here's a family photo of my kids with them and their sweet dogs.

Doesn't she look old here? I look at pictures from the beginning of 2010 to the end of 2010 and she's really grown up. I can't believe she's almost 6.

Will amazingly kept up with Ryan on the hiking. Ryan does many mile treks and walks really fast, but Will did pretty good for our short jaunt.

Family photo.

Typical pose for Kaity - telling everyone how it really is

We also hit the beautiful town of Madison. It was windy and cold, but we all had a great time walking around it.

They found these big leaves in Madison and we carried them around for two weeks.

We've been to visit Ryan twice now in October/November. Next time I'd really like to go in the spring or summer so I don't freeze my you-know-what off!

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