Monday, December 11, 2006

Turkey Season

John took Will turkey hunting this weekend. They've been practicing gun safety and being quiet in the woods. They saw some turkeys out in the field and got out of the truck to sneak up on them. John wasn't going to take a shot, but after Will (in his normal not-so-quiet 3 year old voice) said "Daddy, I'm cold" and the turkeys didn't fly off, he decided to take a shot. Amazingly, he got one. Will is very excited about his turkey. We now have a turkey in the freezer. Anybody want to join us for fried turkeys?

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Halloween 2006

This year Kaity was Minnie Mouse - notice the security blanket in the bucket. It goes everywhere with her, but usually it's a smaller version.

Will was an owl. Erin made his costume and he loved it. He went around "hoot, hooting" all night.

Pumpking Painting

Pumpking Carving

Friday, August 11, 2006

Already trying to be a big girl

Kaity has started trying to be more like a big girl. This morning she was stuffing baby wipes down her shirt to create a bosom. I have pictures - should post them this weekend. I think she's a little young to be stuffing her shirt, carrying a purse and wearing lip gloss - but she doesn't think she is!

"White Milk Tastes Like Hot Dogs"

Will has entered the preschool comedy arena. His current joke is "______ (fill in the blank) tastes like hot dogs". The other day, he licked John, very unexpectedly, and told him "Daddy you taste like hot dogs" and then starts laughing. The current joke (Will is giggling while he tells me this) - "white milk tastes like hot dogs". He thinks it's funny so I have to laugh, too.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Without Kids - For a Whole Weekend!

Well, John and I are without kids for a whole weekend. I think that's the first time that's happened. Whatever will we do?!?

We actually do have very busy plans. Tonight we're going to see Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and tomorrow we head to St. Augustine for a Farm Bureau Young Farmer and Rancher conference. A lot of our college friends will be there, so it's going to be really nice to catch up.

But, what did we do with the kids? Aunt Erin came and got them this morning and is taking them down to Tampa to visit Grandma and Grandpa for the weekend. Wish her luck for the 2-hour car trip with them.

I have lots of pictures to put up, but I've been very negligent in getting it done. Maybe I'll have time next week.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Survived our first family camping trip

Well, we actually camped this weekend. And, of course, it rained.

We had a mini-Smolek family reunion this weekend at the lakehouse in Melrose. There were 15 people who planned to spend the night Saturday. So, we decided to try our new tent.

Kaity slept in the playpen in the tent and about midnight woke up. She ended up sleeping on the ground with me, but she still really needs the confines of the playpen (she rolled, twisted, squirmed - all over the tent!)

Will did great - quite a trooper!

John said he'd go again if it was cooler or we had a fan. I guess I'll invest in a battery operated fan. Overall, we had a lot of fun and I plan to do it again!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Swimming at Grandma & Grandpa's

Grandpa taught Kaity to blow bubbles in the pool. She's quite the mermaid. Will wasn't as trusting this time. Here he's got his floaties and his ring and still didn't real feel comfortable. We're definitely going to need swim lessons soon.

Just like her momma

Kaity is becoming an avid reader. Here she is in her Adirondack chair at Grandma's house reading a Southern Living magazine.

What a busy week it's been!

Well, it's been a crazy week for us! We spent last weekend in Riverview visiting Grandpa and Grandma and Great-Granny and Great-Grandpa.

This week's been none stop for us. Will was sick on Monday and John drew the short straw and got to stay home with him. We had Vacation Bible School after school every night this week, so we'd leave for school at 7:30, pick them up at 4:30, go straight to VBS and get home around 9. Well, this probably wore Will out a little too much. He's sick again today, but he's spending the day with Papa watching the backhoes dig holes. Couldn't ask for a better sick day for a 3-year-old boy!

This weekend Uncle Ken is here from Oregon, so we'll be camping out at Melrose (if it's not too hot). It'll be nice to see everyone and catch up.

We've been doing "Will's Wall of Success" at home. It has 10 items and for every item he does, he gets a star sticker. There are different levels of rewards. When he gets 50 stars (he's at 46), he gets to go see the new Disney Cars movie with Mom. I'm looking forward to it - he should be there by Sunday.

Hopefully, next week will get back to the regular routine for us.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Filling Mommy's Shoes

What a big girl! Kaity looks better in these shoes than Mommy does. She also says cheeeeese anytime you pull a camera out. It's a very cute stage.

Will and Lizzie

Will has a huge crush on his cousin Lizzie! He had to sit next to her or on her the whole time we were in Texas.

Palo Duro Canyon

While there, we went on a jeep tour down into the canyon and visited the state park where we did a little hiking.



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