Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of School!

Monday was the first day of school! Yeah! I don't know who was more excited - me or the kids. They were both ready for their friends and even to get back to a routine. And, luckily, they both really like school.

Will's starting 2nd grade.

Kaity's starting kindergarten. And, she's still dragging the blankie around. But, at least it's not going to school with her. She just has to have it IMMEDIATELY when she gets home.

This is Will's don't mess with me face, I think.

Kaity getting tired of posing.

Obligatory picture in front of the manatee.

Already busy at work at her desk.


Will's got a desk and not a table this year.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

New floors!

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Where has the summer gone?

School starts 3 weeks from tomorrow!! Where have we been? Well, not updating this blog. But, we have been busy with summer stuff (and work).

We went to the Young Farmer & Rancher conference in Jacksonville in early July and the night out was a dinner cruise on a river boat. The kids went with us to the conference and had a great time on the boat. Watching the launch out the back.

Pretty girl on the boat.

There were two dance floors and the kids (and their friends) made good use of one.

This is Karly Ann. She's the daughter of one of my good college friends. Her and Kaity are almost the same age and size. They look a LOT alike. It's kind of freaky. But, really, really cute also.

Will's gotten to hang out with his best friend, Dalton, quite a bit this summer. He got to go scalloping with them and had a great time.

The kids have been to lots of day camps and hanging out with babysitters. This is one of their babysitters, Tori, who was helping at the butterfly day camp also. She's Kaity's teen bestie for the summer.

Fourth of July was also very busy for us. We were in the Micanopy parade in the morning, then headed to the Melrose lakehouse to sleepover, and watched the fireworks in Keystone Heights. Saw lots of Alachua County that day. Here's Pales at the parade. Mom said she didn't get a good picture of her dressed up, but apparently I did.

Kaity on the parade float.

Grandpa and Will watching the fireworks. It was really, really loud.

The kids also went to dance camp one week. They learned hip hop, a lyrical number, and a tap number. Will was the only little boy, but seemed to have a great time. The tap number was built around him and he was pretty good at hip hop. Kaity did a great job and has been talking dance ever since. She had some listening issues there (nothing unusual) and at one point stuck a pebble in her nose. This was the last day at the mini-performance. The girls all got their hair done and make up put on. They were actually being very sweet to each other.

They are also taking swim lessons. Will loves them and is the most uncoordinated, but highest level kid they have out there. He's doing great. Kaity is finally getting the hang of it and is old enough to get it. She's taken lessons for three summers, but this is the first summer we've made any progress. We've got one more week of lessons and then Will may take some more in the fall.

For some reason after lessons, Will feels the need to strip on the way home. Notice the strategically placed pentagon.

Besides all that, John's been busy building fence, Will's still seeing his tutor, and I'm rewriting the county fair livestock record books. Plus, we're remodeling Will's room (pictures to come). It's looking great, but we have to have it done very soon since school starts in THREE WEEKS! Kaity will be a kindergardener and Will's going into 2nd grade. Luckily, we've already finished all the school shopping and now I just need to put the house back together (because of Will's remodel) before school starts and get us back onto a normal schedule.

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