Tuesday, February 27, 2007

We put the sign out - this sounds so funny to say - so that they'll know where to deliver the house. Looks like we'll need to replace some fence also.

Kitchen (look how big it is!!!)

Breakfast Area

Laundry Room

Master Bath


Family Room

Living Room

Pictures are kind of dark, but this is the front of the house.

Dining Area

And our new table and chairs that John got out of the deal for free (we also bought the two end tables, coffee table, and side table that match for a really good deal.)

View from front door

Side view with porch

Closed on the house today

Here is our new house! It's a triple-wide Jacobsen. It should be delivered in about a month and we should move in in about two months.

She's really enjoys food. Then, she stole Grandpa's ice cream.

Dad and Alli


She's trying to eat cake with one hand while holding the bowl and the lollipop with the other.

Will, Elijah, and Jack

Kathleen & Kaitlyn


Plumber's Crack!!!

Stephen and Jack

first golf club from Grandpa

He's got a pretty good swing - when he doesn't get upset about not hitting it.

Pretty excited about money for his birthday

Monday, February 19, 2007

It's so hard being 4

So, John and I cut Will's hair yesterday. We took off about 3 inches. He looks like a different little boy. He didn't like the hair cut yesterday, but I didn't think much about it.

This morning, he goes in the bathroom and starts crying big alligator tears and whaling "I don't like my hair. Put my hair back on!" Of course, I can't do that. I tried to offer him a ball cap to wear to school, but he didn't want it so I left it at home. He wore his jacket hood all the way to school.

We get to school and now it's "I don't want Ms. Lucy (his teacher) to see my hair. I don't want my friends to see me. I want to wear my hat." Well, I left his hat at home, so I didn't have a solution. When I left him this morning, he was sitting in the corner and crying.

Sometimes it's so hard being a mom - and I guess being 4.

Friday, February 16, 2007

So glad it's Friday

Well, it's been a busy week for me and a fairly rough one for John. He'sbeen on deliveries all week, loaded and unloaded 6 tons of feed by himself yesterday, and then broke down in the F-550 on his way to work this morning - and it was COLD!

He's taking a break tonight and I'm going to take the kids to see the UF gymnastics meet. They're currently no. 1 in the nation! Go Gators! It's also breast cancer awareness night, so everyone's wearing pink instead of their normal school colors. Kaity will enjoy that.

We're moving along with the house. We're set to close next Wednesday and still hope to be moved in by the end of April.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Bubble King

Family Pictures

Here's the first picture with Will and Kaity fighting over bubbles.

Here's the best picture - still not much better.

Here's the dog Kaity liked so much.

Will: Kaity - open this!
Kaity opens with Will helping.
Will: Wooowwww!
Grandma: What is it?
Will: I don't know!!!
(but whatever it was, he sure thought it was cool! It's a bubble machine by the way.)

Birthday Princess

Birthday Princess

Look who's actually blowing the candles out.

Closing on House

Well, it looks like we're going to close on our house on Friday. John's been busy building fence, but now he's at a stopping point. We need to remove some trees before he can continue. We're going to be really busy over the next couple of weeks.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Birthday Cupcake!

Flowers from Daddy

Daddy got Kaity some fake flowers. Of course, she loves them!



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