Friday, March 31, 2006

We were invaded last night!

A little blue alien invaded our house last night! Will was playing quietly in his room while we were fixing dinner. After a few minutes, he comes out to show us his masterpiece. He had found a blue marker and colored his entire body (except for his face and between his shoulder blades). He even got the bottom of his feet! Luckily, the marker was washable. I'll post pictures of him as soon as I get them developed.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Exemplary Little Ninja

This week, Will has been completing a checklist of chores, activities, and good behaviors to be eligible for promotion to Orange Belt in his karate class. For the most part, he has been excellent at listening and following through. But, if we tell him Batman does it (for example, Batman brushes his teeth), then Will does it, too. His promotion ceremony is next week - be sure to encourage him on being a good ninja and having a black belt attitude!

Friday, March 24, 2006

A normal day for Will

A normal day for Will includes climbing over a fence (or under a fence or through a fence).


Welcome to the Wacahoota Wonders blog. I'll be keeping you updated on the kids, house building progress, and life in general around Wacahoota/Micanopy.

As for the name - Wacahoota actually does mean "Cow Home." Originally, Spanish settlers came through this area and conversed with the Native Americans. "Vaca" in Spanish means cow and "hoota" in the native language means home. Eventually, this came to be known as Wacahoota. So, now we'll be watching the cows come home here in Wacahoota.

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