Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Exemplary Little Ninja

This week, Will has been completing a checklist of chores, activities, and good behaviors to be eligible for promotion to Orange Belt in his karate class. For the most part, he has been excellent at listening and following through. But, if we tell him Batman does it (for example, Batman brushes his teeth), then Will does it, too. His promotion ceremony is next week - be sure to encourage him on being a good ninja and having a black belt attitude!


John said...

I would like to add that Will cleaned his room today without any promting from me. He is growing up so quick. We are very proud of him. Kaity is also growing so fast. She loves to brush her hair and mommy's hair too.

Aunt Pam said...

When Will gets a little older, he'll have to take on his cousin, Darron. He also earned an orange belt when he was about 3rd grade. He gave it up after he got tired of cleaning the karate studio's floor on his hands and knees. That was the chore of the lower belts- and he tired of that rather quickly! He also tired ballet when he was Will's age- that only lasted 1 session! Then he said he was "poofed out!" We are going to San Marcos to see him over Easter weekend. We are looking forward to your visit. We have located a portable crib for Kaity.


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