Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back from Michigan

I'm back from my week long conference in Michigan. The conference was great. Michigan was great. But, it sure is nice to be home.

I'd really like to go back to this area of Michigan (Traverse City) in a couple years with the fam. Agritourism was prevalant and really cool to see. I'd also like to go up and see Mackinaw Island in the same trip.

The 2010 Conference will be in Key West, so I volunteered myself for the planning committee. It might require some site visits with the family ahead of time to check it out.

The kids were really good for John while I was gone. Kaity asked for something pink and "sprinkly" and I seem to have delivered. I got her a stuffed pink pony that goes into a glittery pink purse. It seems to have delivered. Will wanted something yellow and black (interpretation - a Bumblebee transformer toy). They seemed to be out of those in the specialty toy shops. I ended up with a yellow frisbee (the ones with the whole in the middle) and he seems to really like it. And, of course, I got John some of the local wine. Hopefully, we like it since we're not wine drinkers.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Kung Fu Panda

The kids and I saw Kung Fu Panda this morning. It was awesome! It was Kaity's first movie, and other than the three trips to the bathroom, she did really well. We went at 9:20 this morning. I was worried because it's the first day school is out and was the first showing, but there were only 20 or so other people (with small children also) who were there. After the movie, we hit Target for last minute things I need for my trip and then McDs for lunch. And, of course, the toys were Kung Fu Panda toys. It was a great mommy/kids day. Kaity's now asleep and Will is playing Kung Fu Panda. I'm doing a little work and trying to think about what the weather is supposed to be like in Michigan. I bet it's nice. I'll know on Sunday. I told the kids I would bring them something back from my trip. Kaity requested something pink and sparkly (imagine the sparkly being done with cheerleader spirit fingers). I'll see what I can do.

VPK Graduation

VPK Graduation was last night. It was a really nice ceremony although it was really hot in there. It was also standing room only. Will had a great time with it. He got a couple special parts and was really excited to get his diploma.

Here he is marching in with his class mates. They all had signs that said love and then a love in their "native" language. I argued with the teacher over this. I told her that he was 8th generation Floridian, so he should have American on his. She said that wouldn't work for this skit, so then I told her that he was a Heinz 57 baby. She didn't believe me. So, I told her my family is Eastern European including German, Austrian, Czech, Swiss, and probably some Polish and some Scottish and Irish. John's family is probably English and Scottish. That stumped her, so I told her to put German (since Eckhardt is so German) and he's blond - looks like a German baby.

He kept trying to peek around to see us. Lots of waving by these kids.

Will and his friend Alex. They've been at La Petite together a long time. Alex actually lives in MacIntosh, but he won't be going to Micanopy next year. But, amazingly one of the girls in Will's class lives on Wacahoota Rd. and will be going to Micanopy next year. She'll be in his class.

Will and Ms. Jann. Ms. Jann was an awesome teacher. She took such an interest in Will and kept me really updated with how he was doing socially and in class. We're really going to miss her next year.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Annual Memorial Day Visit to the Lakehouse

We took Tebow for his first trip to the lakehouse and he totally lived up to his labrador reputation. He LOVED the water. Tebow and Max got to stay Friday night and all day Saturday. They went home Saturday evening and we stayed until Monday afternoon. Here he is with his prize football.

John said he'd shoot me if I showed him on the Web without his shirt on. This is a picture of his back, but really it's a picture of Tebow and the kids. John kept throwing the ball really far out and Tebow would retrieve. A couple times, the ball went a little far and we thought we'd have to retrieve the dog. He always came up through the weeds rather than the beach. I guess it was his version of keep away.

Every year, we take a Memorial Day family picture at the lakehouse. Last year's picture was eaten when my computer crashed. Here's this year's picture. The girls at work thought John's sense of style was pretty funny - Hawaiian shirt, orange gator visor, jorts, and white tube socks. I guess we've been married so long I'm kinda used to it. The jorts (jean shorts) were really the kicker.

Overall, it was a great trip to the lakehouse and we're really looking forward to going back the week of July 4!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Super Soccer Star!

Will and his first trophy! He did great in soccer this year and we'll see if he wants to play again. Unfortunately, he got the trophy home and dropped it getting out of the truck. It broke and, amazingly, he wasn't that upset. We superglued it back together and it's now in the place of honor - on the mantle.

Four Generations

I recently volunteered us (well, not really me) to be in a 4-H photo shoot. The 4-H Centennial is next year, so they're trying to get some intergenerational pictures. And, guess what? We have four generations of 4-Hers or 4-H parents living on the same piece of property! How cool is that? So, the photographer came out and took some pictures which I'm sure were great. I took some also, but my photo skills are just okay. I obviously had a lot of shadows in these. It was also very, very sunny and Will was not happy. He could not see. Overall, I thought it was fun (not sure about the rest of the fam) and we'll probably be featured in something next year.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Fashions Revisited

In elementary school, jellies were my absolute favorite shoe. Since there were three girls, we had jellies all over the place. I loved them.

Well, jellies have made a comeback. I got Kaity a pair at Old Navy and she's been wearing her "jellies - not sandals Daddy" every day. I think they're adorable and very durable. That's probably why we had so many.

Chaneling Alli

Doesn't this look like Alli from 20 years ago? If i colored her hair blond, I think it would be. She's even got the whole story going on with her toys like Alli used to.

Still looks like Alli. I bet if Grandma put this picture next to any of ours from years ago, it would be hard to tell the difference.

And, here's Kaity! I don't remember seeing any pictures of Alli with the diva look that Kaity does.


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