Friday, June 06, 2008

VPK Graduation

VPK Graduation was last night. It was a really nice ceremony although it was really hot in there. It was also standing room only. Will had a great time with it. He got a couple special parts and was really excited to get his diploma.

Here he is marching in with his class mates. They all had signs that said love and then a love in their "native" language. I argued with the teacher over this. I told her that he was 8th generation Floridian, so he should have American on his. She said that wouldn't work for this skit, so then I told her that he was a Heinz 57 baby. She didn't believe me. So, I told her my family is Eastern European including German, Austrian, Czech, Swiss, and probably some Polish and some Scottish and Irish. John's family is probably English and Scottish. That stumped her, so I told her to put German (since Eckhardt is so German) and he's blond - looks like a German baby.

He kept trying to peek around to see us. Lots of waving by these kids.

Will and his friend Alex. They've been at La Petite together a long time. Alex actually lives in MacIntosh, but he won't be going to Micanopy next year. But, amazingly one of the girls in Will's class lives on Wacahoota Rd. and will be going to Micanopy next year. She'll be in his class.

Will and Ms. Jann. Ms. Jann was an awesome teacher. She took such an interest in Will and kept me really updated with how he was doing socially and in class. We're really going to miss her next year.

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