Thursday, June 05, 2008

Annual Memorial Day Visit to the Lakehouse

We took Tebow for his first trip to the lakehouse and he totally lived up to his labrador reputation. He LOVED the water. Tebow and Max got to stay Friday night and all day Saturday. They went home Saturday evening and we stayed until Monday afternoon. Here he is with his prize football.

John said he'd shoot me if I showed him on the Web without his shirt on. This is a picture of his back, but really it's a picture of Tebow and the kids. John kept throwing the ball really far out and Tebow would retrieve. A couple times, the ball went a little far and we thought we'd have to retrieve the dog. He always came up through the weeds rather than the beach. I guess it was his version of keep away.

Every year, we take a Memorial Day family picture at the lakehouse. Last year's picture was eaten when my computer crashed. Here's this year's picture. The girls at work thought John's sense of style was pretty funny - Hawaiian shirt, orange gator visor, jorts, and white tube socks. I guess we've been married so long I'm kinda used to it. The jorts (jean shorts) were really the kicker.

Overall, it was a great trip to the lakehouse and we're really looking forward to going back the week of July 4!

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