Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back from Michigan

I'm back from my week long conference in Michigan. The conference was great. Michigan was great. But, it sure is nice to be home.

I'd really like to go back to this area of Michigan (Traverse City) in a couple years with the fam. Agritourism was prevalant and really cool to see. I'd also like to go up and see Mackinaw Island in the same trip.

The 2010 Conference will be in Key West, so I volunteered myself for the planning committee. It might require some site visits with the family ahead of time to check it out.

The kids were really good for John while I was gone. Kaity asked for something pink and "sprinkly" and I seem to have delivered. I got her a stuffed pink pony that goes into a glittery pink purse. It seems to have delivered. Will wanted something yellow and black (interpretation - a Bumblebee transformer toy). They seemed to be out of those in the specialty toy shops. I ended up with a yellow frisbee (the ones with the whole in the middle) and he seems to really like it. And, of course, I got John some of the local wine. Hopefully, we like it since we're not wine drinkers.


AlliJean said...

look out for whole and hole! sorry, couldn't let it go, my communicator sister.

Emily said...

Thanks - I was really tired when I typed that and occasionally (only occasionally) I have misspellings!


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