Saturday, November 15, 2008

Handmade for the Holidays

This year, I'm working on a bunch of handmade holiday gifts. As always, I've started a little late, so a lot of people will probably receive IOUs. I'll make the IOUs pretty, don't worry. But, I do have a few started.

Since Alli is moving to DC in the middle of January (crazy girl!), I should be remaking her a hat. I gave her a crocheted hat last year, but somehow I crocheted it for a gorilla head size (or maybe she just looks like she has a big head). Anyways, it was about three sizes too big. So, I should be doing another one of those. Instead, I'm making her an apron...because that will be so much more useful in DC. She picked out the fabric and pattern, so she's seen all her stuff. Everyone else won't be as priviledged, so I won't be posting during construction on the blog. Anyways, back to the apron. My grandma apparently had saved yards and yards of feed sack fabric which my mom now has. When I was last home, I went through it and picked out some pretty stuff with the intention of making aprons, tablelcoths, dish cloths, etc. from it for everyone. Alli got first choice and here's the fabric she picked.

I also finally finished Will's fall apron. It turned out pretty nice for not having an apron. Posing with him is Princess Pink in the skirt/dress that Aunt Erin made her for Christmas last year.

The future chef/BBQ master.

Here's Princess Cinderella in dress up clothes that Aunt Alli got her lat year for Christmas.

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Kim said...

Can't wait to see how the apron turns out--that fabric is bee-you-ti-ful! You know I love handmade gifts. ;-)

And congrats to Alli! I guess she got the job???


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