Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Night on the Town

I was recently awarded with the UF College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Horizon Alumni Award. I get recognized at TailGator this year and we get tickets to the game today (UF vs. South Carolina). Last night, we had a special dinner for award winners at Amelia's Restaurant downtown with all the deans and so on. It was really nice. John and I got dressed up and left the kids with the Nana and Papa. The plans was for the kids to stay the night.

Larry took a picture of us before we left.

This is after dinner. It's my Jackie O dress that Alli helped me pick out. I meant to take the picture beforehand, but forgot, so I look pretty tired here.

Our plan of having the kids spend the night didn't work out so well. Kaity ended up not wanting to spend the night, so we picked her up and she came home. Will did spend the night.

We realized that once we got home that we could have gone out downtown. Maybe to Market Street or something. But, we didn't cause we're fuddy duddies and forgot.

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