Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Working Cows

I grew up in a farming family and worked cows now and then. But, we mainly worked with citrus (aka trees in straight lines). I spent many a summer day working (okay, mom, sorta working) in the orange groves. If I find a picture of myself in the orange grove, I'll have to post it. I might have to hunt.

My kids are getting the same, but different, experience. Since they are growing up on a working cattle ranch, they're much more exposed to hay, cattle, baby calves, and so on. The fall is incredibly busy here with the family working cows almost every week. Since Will is getting out of school at 2 every day, he's spending many of his afternoons helping daddy work cows. He came home the other day and explained what weaning is to me (since I don't know according to him).

Will "weading is when you take the baby cows from their mommas and then feed them"

After getting home with Kaity the other day, we headed down to the barn to check out the action. Kaity loves going to the barn. There are so many cool things to see. And, she gets to wear her pink rubber boots.

She's not allowed to get any closer than this. But, she takes full advantage of it.

Hay bales are a kid's best friend

Kaity was watching Grandaddy wash out the trailer. It took him 2.5 hours.

Feed Truck

Mixing the feed

One of the days I didn't make it to the barn, Will actually got to help in the cow pens. His job was to mark them with the chalk once they went into the chute. I wish I could have seen that. John says he's a little too comfortable in the cow pens, but that's probably because I haven't let him spend too much time in them. He listens pretty good now, so he's able to do a lot more.

BTW - he's started wearing his cowboy hat again (with his zorro cape). I'm guessing that's a result of working cows. But, I'm not sure how the zorro cape comes into the picture.

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