Monday, October 06, 2008

Chicken Tractor is Getting Full

I got a few more chickens last week. Reddick's Hardware down the road was selling some full grown chickens, but the banties only came as a hen/rooster pair. So, we have added new housemates for Henrietta.

Introducing "The Colonel"
The Colonel crows every morning at 6:45 on the dot for about 15 minutes. He continues to crow throughout the day. He's an Old English Bantam breed and is very handsome - and very protective of his girls.

Introducing Penelope
Penelope is not as attractive as Henrietta, but she currently has better standing in the flock. Penelope actually lays! So far, we've gotten almost an egg a day from her. Will has really taken on the duty of looking for eggs, so I like Penelope just for that.

The pictures aren't the best, but The Colonel is insistent that they don't stand still for pictures.

Kaity loves the little banty eggs - we just have to watch her to make sure she doesn't smash them accidentally.

The eggs are about 1/3-1/2 the size of a regular egg. They're pretty cute.


Cathy said...

The little eggs will dry out if you just leave them alone. My mom has a little basket of them at home. They're pretty cute.

Jen said...

Wait, you don't eat the eggs?

Kim said...

Yay! New chickens! (A chicken and a rooster, that is.) I was worried about your solo hen.

AlliJean said...

Kaity's hands look so grown up there! I thought at first that they must be yours. The chickens look good!


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