Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mornings at the Eubanks

Weekday mornings are chaos, to say the least, at our house. Here's the rundown of this morning.
5:30 am
Kaity from her room: "MOMMY!" (not crying or upset, it was demanding that I come get her).
She comes to our bed where she continues to hum and squirm.

6:30 am
I get in the shower and immediately am joined by a naked little girl. "I want to shower, too."
In she goes and then spends the next 20 minutes singing He's Got the Whole World in His Hands at the top of her lungs.

6:50 am
Put Kaity back in bed with daddy. Get myself ready.

7:00 am
Move Kaity to couch, get Will up, turn on Curious George. Make my tea and fix my breakfast. Sit down to eat my breakfast and a naked, but clean, little girl wants to sit with me and put her fingers in my food.

7:15 am
Finally, get a dress on Kaity - no panties. Will still watching cartoons.

7:30 am
Will's turn to turn off the tv. Lots of crying from Kaity. Will gets dressed and has to do his chores. Finally get panties on Kaity.

7:45 am
"I want breakfast!" and, of course, neither want the same thing. Fix leftover garlic toast for Kaity (it was supposed to be for my lunch) and butter toast for Will. Oh, and I forgot to make the chocolate milk. Gotta make chocolate milk.

7:50 am
"I want more!" Too bad.

7:55 am
Looking for shoes. Have to comb out Kaity's hair - it's now in incredible knots because it's dried.

8:00 am
Send kids out to feed rabbits. Put watch in - the battery died this morning. Load all of our stuff into the truck. Move truck around to rabbits. Help feed.

8:10 am
Buckle kids in truck.

8:20 am
Leaving house (finally). Kaity says, "I forgot to brush my teeth!" Too bad, brush after school.

8:25 am
Will "I saw a sea monster in the trees!" (see previous post) Lots of crying.

Get to school. Take Will to his class. Take Kaity to her class. Spend 10 minutes trying to pry her off of me.

Finally made it to work. Whew. Is my day done?

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AlliJean said...

you know, bathrooms have the best acoustics...


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