Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Kaity and Papa

As you know, we've been having some disobedience issues in our house recently. Mainly with Will, but Kaity is always in the mix. For Will, disobedience is a relatively new thing. For Kaity, it's always been there.

Anyways, last night they were eating dinner at Papa's house. John and I were supposed to go to a class, but opted out at the last minute. We were actually going to get to eat a quiet dinner at home. About the time we're fixing our plates, the door opens and in comes a crying Kaity. John's talking with her as I'm answering the phone. It's Papa. Normally, he calls as soon as she leaves their house, so that I can watch her on her way home. This wasn't a good sign if he was calling and she was already home.

Papa: "Did Kaity make it home?"
Me: "Yes"
Papa: "I disciplined her because she wasn't sitting at the dinner table." (this is one of Papa's rules he sticks with)
Papa: "She got made and left without telling me."

Apparently, after she got in trouble, she decided she didn't like Papa anymore and ran away (at least she ran home) without telling him. He didn't know it until he went looking for her a few minutes later. Luckily, we were home since normally on Tuesday nights we're not.

So, she spent a few more minutes in her room in time out, had a very hard time calming down, and then had to call Papa and apologize. She was still so upset all she could get out was:

"SSOORRRYY PPAAPPPAA" (imagine that with the huffing and sniffling of a 3 year old)

I then had to call my mom and tell her. Grandma, of course, insisted that Kaity explain what happened. Which set Kaity off again into more tears because she was embarrassed and had to tell Grandma.

Later, I asked Kaity what she's going to do next time and she said "listen to Papa." Good girl.

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