Sunday, February 28, 2010

Will's Birthday!

Will turned 7 last Sunday. It's taken me a week to post on it since I had a terrible headache all week and lots of recovering to do from his party. He's such an amazing kid - thoughtful, sensitive, quiet, and spacey. He'll never be the coolest kid in class, or the most athletic, but he's always the one kids want to invite over for a play date or sit next to at lunch. He's almost at grade level with his reading skills and continues to amaze me with everything else that he does. Right now, he and John are obsessed with the Star Wars Wii game (thanks Aunt Alli...NOT - all those laser noises are driving me bonkers!) Now, if he could just learn to tie his shoes before he turns 8!

The weekend in between Kaity and Will's birthdays we usually do a family party. This year was no different. Everyone came and lots of good food was eaten.

This was the first year that I got to be at school for one of the kids' birthday celebrations. It was fun to see Will be the center of attention. Here he is making his birthday crown.

Ms. Cathy, his teacher, reading him a special book at circle time.

Cupcakes and chocolate milk just for the birthday boy!

This one's not birthday related, but I had to stick it in there. It's too cute. Will is feeding Annie sweet feed from John's hat. I tried to talk him into doing his 4-H fair poster on Annie, but he wants to do one on arrowheads and another on cow skulls. He could be an archeologist in the making.

Will invited four of his closest friends from school over for a sleepover. I was very brave on this one. This was the first time the boys had had a party sleepover. Will sleeps over regularly at Dalton or Chance's house and vice versa, but Joseph and Coy had never slept over anywhere before. I immediately lost control and they ran like banshees throughout the house while Kaity cried that no one was playing with her. John eventually got them to sleep by making them lay down and turning on the history channel.

They had a hard night of partying. It turned out to be a really good birthday for Will, but for the next year we'll stick to one kid at a time for sleepovers.

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