Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chicks are Here!

Chicks arrived Friday and we went and got 8. Unfortunately, we're down to 5 now. You can't always tell which ones are healthy when they're this big and some might have had a rougher time shipping from the hatchery. But, the 5 that are left are doing great. And, Kaity is in love with them.

This is a Buff Orpington. We only have one of these now. Kaity named her Sunny.

This is a Rhode Island Red. They seem to be the heartiest out of the bunch. We have two of them and Will named them both Lava.

And, this is a Barred Rock. We have two left after losing two. Kaity named one Blackie although I don't know which one that is.

We'll probably get a few more in the coming weeks. These were the breeds that the feed store got in first. We'll probably get a few light brahmans, aracunas, black austrolops, and maybe a banty or two. We're also planning to get some ducks. The old guy at the feed store hatches his own banty ducks. And, we'll probably get two turkey to try out this year (and probably dress the table with later on.)

And, this is what happens when you ask a brand-new 5 year old to sort dirty laundry for you.

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