Thursday, December 17, 2009

Girls Week, cont. (and an update on Boys Roadtrip 2009)

Well, the "Girls Week" has commenced nicely. Here's a short recap of what we've done so far:
  • Sunday - Princess and the Frog movie, pizza for dinner (Kaity's choice)
  • Monday - playdate at Hannasha's house
  • Tuesday - Girls Dinner Out to Outback with Nana and Kaity's best gal, Ms. Brenda
  • Wednesday - first ballet lesson, McD's for dinner (Kaity's choice)
  • Thursday - hang out at home with Nana, play with the pony
  • Friday - Nutcracker ballet with Hannasha and her mom, Chick-Fil-A for dinner
  • Saturday - Holiday with Horses with Nana
Kaity and I are enjoying being home alone. All the girls (me, Kaity, and Luna) have been sleeping in my bed and we're doing lots of girl stuff. I'll have pictures from Nutcracker and Holiday with Horses coming up.

The boys are having a great time. They made it to Amarillo in one piece and totally surprised Dora with Will being there. Here's a recap (and hopefully they come back with pictures)
  • Sunday - leave for Amarillo, stop to see the USS Alabama battleship
  • Monday - more driving, stop at the super-duper Cabela's store in Ft. Worth
  • Tuesday - hang out with Dora, visit the Amarillo Discovery Center which has farting machines and a frozen duck pond (both cool in Will's book), and dinner at the Big Texan
  • Wednesday - John and Larry visit the feedyards (I know, I know. Most people wouldn't do that on their vacation, but not in a farm family. This is one of the highlights of the trip.) and Will hung out with Dora all day
  • Thursday - John's pheasant hunting with a friend, and Larry and Will are up to no good
  • Friday - start driving back
  • Saturday - possibly stop at Opryland
  • Sunday - back home
The kids are officially on winter break starting Monday, so I'll be home with them for the next two weeks. I'm looking forward to it, but not the mess that is sure to come.


Cathy said...

I want to see photos of the little ballerina! How fun!

And, are they going through Nashville on the way back? There is a mall there that you would LOVE (Opry Mills), but I won't recommend it for John, Larry and Will! ha!

Emily said...

I'll definitely have photos from the Nutcracker tonight. I didn't get any from the ballet lesson the other day, but we'll be back in January.

They are going through Nashville and said something about stopping at the Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City. We'll see - it depends on how quickly they want to get back and how squirmy Will is.


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