Monday, October 26, 2009

Wii are Family!

(Disclaimer: Sorry for the blurriness! All the photos were taken with my phone!)

After 18 months (18 months is a really long time in "kid" time by the way), Will and Kaity FINALLY had enough money for their Wii. The deal was that they had to save half and we would pay for the other half. Roughly about $150. Here is Will with $110 in change.

$300 in cash.

And, the Wii!!

We played all weekend. He loves the bowling game. We also got Wii Play with the extra remote, a Disney princess game for Kaity (which is pretty fun), and a Rapala fishing game (which doesn't work so well so far). I think we'll have to set some limits with him for playing it. Maybe half an hour with a book for half an hour of Wii time. He doesn't readily pick up and look at books, so this might be a good bargain to get him a little more interested in them (and keep the game time down a little.)

So, the question is what do we save for next?

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