Friday, October 09, 2009

Kaity's First Field Trip

Kaity had her very first field trip today. It was awesome, but really, really hot. Since it was her first one, I took the day off and chaperoned. Luckily, at this age, it's really cool to have mom come on field trips. Since we don't have school buses at Micanopy, parents drive for the field trips. I was in charge of three little girls - Kaity, her best friend Hannasha, and Samantha. Hannasha's mom met us there, but she had her baby and 3-year-old with her, so she couldn't officially be a chaperon.

We headed out about 10 to Coon Hollo Corn Maze. Coon Hollo is a new corn maze that's run by one of John's old friends from 4-H and college. It was totally awesome. They did an Ag in the Classroom pumpkin lesson, carved a pumpkin, and painted mini-pumpkins. There was also a cow milking station (with wooden cows), a hay bale fort, and a little bit of corn in big water troughs. And, then there was the corn maze. It was awesome and the kids loved it. Oh, and they had a tractor hay ride and a cute train ride.

Unfortunately, it was really hot - like heat index of 105 hot. Very unusual for October.

A group picture right after we got there.

Before the kids carved the pumpkin.

All of the kids got to pull the goo and seeds out. I got some really good pictures of kids' faces with the slimy pumpkin guts. Kaity's a pro at it since we carve pumpkins every year. I was surprised at how many kids had never carved a pumpkin before.

The mini-pumpkin craft - they glued stuff on them and painted faces. Very cute.

The "Coon Hollo Fort." This was also really difficult to get the kids to stand still for this.

At the start of the corn maze. Not a great picture, but it shows how big the corn really was.

It was one of the best field trips I've chaperoned even with the heat.

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