Saturday, July 18, 2009

What I Do at My Job

Beneficial insects shoot

Well, this isn't all I do, but during a shoot I do a lot of this. My job during a video shoot is to stay out of the way, not touch the equipment, make sure we have all the props we need, guest speakers understand what we're doing, and to keep everyone hydrated. So, basically I'm the water girl.

I do more than that, but not so much on the shoot. For several weeks before our week long shoots, I set up locations, guest speakers, props, and try to coordinate a multitude of people's schedules. There's been several times in the last year that I thought TV would be the death of me.

Beneficial insects shoot
Walter Reeves, our host, and Steven Arthurs, UF entomologist, releasing lady beetles.

When we're not shooting, I'm dealing with stations, printed materials, web sites, etc. Oh, and I also handle a weekday radio show and lots of written material for our Web sites. So, I guess I'm more than water girl.

Gopher Tortoise shoot
Gopher tortoises are protected in Florida. Charles Fedunak is showing Walter his tortoises that the Extension office keeps for educational purposes and discussing all the habitat benefits their burrows provide.

From day-to-day, I never know what my job will bring. But, I do love working at the university and interacting with Extension agents.

Picture 641
Kerry Herndon is one of the largest orchid growers in the world. He's showing Walter how orchid breeding happens. This was one of the prettiest locations we've ever shot at.

And, I learn a lot of plants. Not that I can implement ANYTHING that I learn. But, I could tell you what you need to do!

Jon's Nursery shoot
Jon's Nursery was HUGE! It has almost 200 acres in woody ornamental production. They showed Walter how camellias go from propagation to the market.

I love my job and the people I work with. It doesn't get better than that.

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