Friday, July 03, 2009

RIP Smokey

We keep hoping Smokey is going to come home, but it's been almost a month now with no sign of her. We're pretty sure a bobcat got her. My mother-in-law-'s 14 year old cat, my aunt-in-law's 9 year old cat, and 3 or 4 barn cats are also missing. And, we've seen a bobcat recently. Not sure what happened, but we really miss Smokey. This is the last picture I took of Smokey. Not a great one, but it is the most recent.

To make up for us missing Smokey, Tebow has taken up residence in John's chair. This is actually unusual, but John was shooting his gun this afternoon and scared Tebow into the house. This is where he ended up and where he's stayed with Will basically sitting on top of him. Tebow is enjoying himself immensely.


sarah said...

awww, I'm sorry about Smokey. It's so creepy that another cat ate him. It's like animal cannibalism. I know these things happen, but it doesn't make them any less disconcerting. You should update your profile and take out the "and a kitten" part. I'm laughing out loud of the photo of Will and Tebow. And whose feet are at the top of the page???

Emily said...

I should update the profile, but maybe she'll come home. I'm hoping she's on an extended vacation. No idea whose feet those are...they came with the template!

erin said...

poor smokey. sorry to hear that. hopefully you're right about the extended vacation.


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