Monday, February 09, 2009

Will's Girlfriend

Will apparently has a girlfriend at his school. Her name is Jessica and he HAD to go to the Valentine's Dance Friday night to dance with her. They, of course, didn't dance, but they did play a bunch of games. He likes her because she has the same color hair as him and she looks wonderful. John went to the dance with him. Will had a blast, John did not. Here are Will and Jessica playing a game.

Will also wanted a picture taken of the picture he drew. It's an acorn with a pear inside and ants all around. There's a story he made up to go with it, but now I can't remember it.


AlliJean said...

oh my. I can't believe how fast he is growing up. He is going to be going to prom soon. I love his cowboy hat. also, i'm so impressed that you can actually tell what his drawing is supposed to be, even if you hadn't stated it. It really looks like a pear! and ants! and an acorn (kinda)!

Dixie Starr said...

I had my first boyfriend in first grade. I declared my love for him in the block corner. I think Will's drawing is fantastic, too.


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