Saturday, February 14, 2009

Smokey Update

I thought it was time for a quick Smokey update. She's calmed down a tiny, tiny bit, but only because she spends a lot of her time outside. I've decided that's best for everyone and we have far fewer scratches and teeth marks on our arms.

Two weeks ago, Smokey discovered she could climb trees. She's trying to be a hunter and the allure of the birds in the trees was too much. Of course, she got stuck and couldn't figure out how to come down. It took several hours, but finally she made it.

The next day, Smokey got stuck in a different tree. This time Will was home and spent the evening in BIG alligator tears because Smokey was gonna starve up there. I assured him that she would come down when she got hungry, but he didn't believe me. He spent the evening with the flash light calling to her until I made him come in for bed. And, wouldn't you know it, the next morning when we got up, she was at the back door.

Smokey is also constantly climbing into stuff. Here she is in my work bag. Unfortunately, it's really hard to get her because she bites (and I was running late), so I just dumped her.

Yesterday, "hunter" Smokey finally caught a bird. She looks like a piece of moss under a tree when she sits really still. The birds must be fairly comfortable with her also (she hasn't caught anything to date) and ignore her most of the time. But, we have an abundance of small birds this year - I think because of all the acorns - and she finally caught one. She brought it to the porch, but then didn't know what to do with it. Hopefully, the birds will wise up to her and keep an eye on where she's at. I like having them around.

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