Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Selecting a Christmas Tree

I found some pictures from early December that I hadn't downloaded. They're of our trip to pick out a Christmas tree. We grow Christmas trees on the farm, so we have quite a selection. I decided we should take the dogs with us, but they were much more interested in the other customers than in finding a tree. Will said he's picked out a tree earlier that week, and while John was helping a customer, we walked the entire acre of the "tree forest." We found it, but it was too tall. John led us back over to the proper sized trees and we did find a nice one.

Kaity insisted on wearing her twirly dress and princess shoes into the pasture. I tried talking her out of it, but she was having no part of it.

Here is our tree. I was bending down next to it and the dogs thought it was the perfect time to both try sitting in my lap.

I decided to stand up for the second picture. It went a little better.

Will and the dogs were very patient as we cut the tree down.

The kids barely fit in the back of the truck with the tree. But, we all ended up sitting back there as John drove back to the house.

The dogs were pretty good. We're working on Tebow's farm dog manners. Max is very well behaved. But, Tebow would chase everything under the sun if he had the chance.

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