Sunday, July 27, 2008

Swim Lessons

Will and Kaity have been taking swim lessons Monday through Thursday for about three weeks now. They've got one more week to go. You would think that living in Florida, everyone swims pretty well. Most everyone in my family does not. I'd like for my kids to swim better than I do and be comfortable in the water. That's hard to do when we don't have a pool for them to practice in. We've got a couple places to go and my parents have a pool, but it's definitely not the same.

Will's had dramatic improvement in three weeks. He started off with the "I can't swim" and "I don't want to put my face in the water." I got him some goggles and that really helped his confidence and comfortability. Thursday, he got out of the pool saying "I can swim!" He often has confidence issues when trying new stuff like this, so this was great to hear him say. He can't actually swim, of course, but he did go about three feet from the wall to the instructor on his own.

Kaity has had a harder time with swim lessons. She really enjoys them, but has a really hard time listening (like she does with everything right now). For some reason, this week she hasn't wanted to put her face in the water either. Not sure what that's about. Here she is with her instructors (two for her age group).

She's actually swimming under the water here. Supposed to be on top, but close enough.

Once Will got his goggles, this is how he's spent most of his lesson - underwater.

Kaity is supposed to sit on the top step when it's not her turn. She has a really hard time doing this and didn't get a cookie after lesson once last week. All the kids get a cookie unless they really misbehave. She managed not to get one for not listening and not staying on the step.

Will's doing great. This was his first instructor. He's moved up into another class that's not quite so beginner.

He's supposed to roll over when he needs to breathe right now, but that means he has to be able to float.

Goat Update
We've got goats! Check it out here.

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