Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pet Escapades

We've had a busy couple of days with our pets, so let me fill you in a little.

Tuesday morning, we went out to feed the rabbits and chickens and April (the female rabbit) was missing! Her cage mut have gotten left open the day before. Kaity often closes it, so it seems like it's closed, but it's not actually locked. April must have found her way out into the wide world of Wacahoota. Will and Kaity were kind of upset, but I explained that she was probably gone for good. As we're feeding the chickens, Will yells "there she is!!" Sure enough, she'd been hiding in the brush and had come out when we came to feed. She was in a direction I don't normally look in, so I would never have seen her. But, eagle eyes Will spotted her. It took me about 10 minutes to catch her after instructing the kids NOT to run after her. She was very, very happy to go back into her cage. She's definitely not a wild bunny.

I took Tebow to the vet this morning to get neutered. But, he hasn't done anything terribly bad this week. He weighed in at about 65 pounds (which he smooshed me with last night when he was sitting in my chair with me). He probably won't even realize anything's missing. We should be starting puppy classes soon hopefully.

While feeding the chickens this morning, Henrietta let herself out of the pen. We spent a few minutes chasing her around and she clucked loudly at all of us. I haven't chased chickens in brought back a lot of memories.

Leroy (not my animal, but Erin's)
Sounds like Erin and Luke are getting another kitten to join Hagrid (boy, he's going to be unhappy). They pick him up on Friday. I don't have any kitties anymore since CT's gone. I'm jealous and ready for a kitty, but I'll wait till later this fall.

Puppy (again not my animal, but Alli's)
Alli adopted a really cute nameless puppy last night from some really sketchy people. She's really young and I'll get to help take care of her some. Alli's new apartment is only about a quarter mile from my house, so I can probably go let her out during my lunch a couple days a week. Right now, she doesn't have a name, but should have one soon. I visited her this morning on my way to work and I'm going to try to take the kids to see her tomorrow on the way home. They'll be in love. She sure is cute!

And, did I mention that we're getting goats?


Jen said...

Everyone's so cute! Well, except Henrietta. Sorry, but chickens just ain't cute. That puppy's adorable - it's a good thing Alli adopted her; those sketchy people would have sold her to anybody.

Kim said...

Fun! I especially enjoyed the chicken chasing bit. I'll have to ask you some time to give the back story on that one. Good luck to Alli with housebreaking her yet-to-be-named puppy!

AlliJean said...

Puppy still doesn't have a name, but we just got back from the vet and she is a whopping 5 pounds! Everyone there was in love with her, especially Harley the big lab in the waiting room. We spent a good amount of time trying to come up with names. She was such a good puppy for Dr. Hall, she slept through her entire check-up (including her vaccination shot!).

The Apron Queen said...

That's quite a group you've got there. We had quite a few cats there for awhile. Several litters of kiitens. Finally down to just two cats again now. Neighbors took some of the kittens & they still come over like they live here. Guess they're coming to visit Mom. :)

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