Wednesday, July 30, 2008

At Least I'm Not the Only One

I read this blog, Dooce, almost every day. It's about life in general and she also has a 4 year old girl. Today's posting makes me smile, because this conversation has been happening every night at my house for about three weeks. Here's an excerpt from the posting:

She finished her meal in record time, and as I was preparing a pot of green peas she asked for a treat. I told her yes, but she'd have to wait until her father and I had finished eating, and since we'd just started cooking it would be a while. She sat there thinking this through, processing the fact that she would eventually get her prize, but not fully comprehending the time frame. That's when she leaned over in her chair, grabbed agonizingly at her stomach and said, "Mama, my tummy hurts, and I need a chocolate treat to make it feel better."

Right. Unless you're on day two of your period it doesn't work that way. So I said, "Excuse me?"

She hunched over so far that her face was almost touching her knees. "It hurts," she moaned, her voice as raspy as a 50-year smoker who has to breathe through a tube. "It hurts so bad. A chocolate treat will fix it."

So, at least it's not just me. And, here's the tummy hurtin', chocolate-requesting girl now.

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AlliJean said...

Hey! that sounds familiar. When I watched the kids this weekend Kaity was positive that I would give her some chocolate. I finally gave in (I try to be a cool aunt)and made her show me where it was. Oops! there was only 1 rollo left. I told her she couldn't have it, because there wasn't enough for everybody, and that one piece of chocolate was for mommy. she was NOT a happy camper.


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