Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Life of a Farm Girl

Kaitlyn's been a farm girl most of her life. We moved out to the farm permanently when she was 2 and she has enjoyed every minute of it.  Her personality doesn't always lend itself well to farm life (she only comes with two volumes - LOUD and asleep), but she makes life much more interesting for us and all the animals.  She was recently described as being like a flying squirrel which aptly describes her since she never sits still, is always climbing on something, and seems to constantly be off the ground (on a table, hanging off someone, in a tree, etc.)  At school, they call her Fingers because she can't keep her fingers to herself.  

Kaity is one to always volunteer to do something especially if it's outside.  She is destined to work out here at some point in her life.  Here's a rundown of a few of her activities that happen on a fairly daily/weekly basis.

She's not old enough to show cattle yet, but don't tell her that!  She spends as much time as Will with them.  She's not always aware of how big they are or where she's at around them, but that will come with age.  And, notice what she's wearing.  Every cowgirl's got to look good.

Sometimes she goes with Daddy to feed cows.  She loves "looking at cows" as she puts it.  We don't let her ride in the back typically because she often forgets to hold on.

She takes horse lessons once a week or so with Ms. Lisa and Jill.  She loves this activity and will grow into it.  Currently, she's Ms. Lisa's youngest student and she has a hard time getting Jill to do what she wants.  But, look where her feet are...they only touch the saddle pad and not the horse!

She loves gardening and can't wait to start planting the fall garden with Daddy.  The sunflower was one that Daddy grew this year.  In her words, "it's bigger than my head!"

She loves her animals.  Oreo isn't always thrilled with her attention, but she loves all of them.  She says she wants to be a cowgirl animal vet when she grows up.  I believe she'll do it.  

And, apparently she's willing to explore ALL animals.  This is her first snake bite from a garden snake.  She wanted to hold it.  

And, she still has her very girly side.  She takes ballet, jazz, and tap each once a week. And, I'm hoping that dance influences her Flying Squirrel personality and helps mature her a little bit.  I see it working, but it's definitely a slow process.  

But, at the end of the day, this is what usually happens.  

I can't wait to see how she's going to grow and what she decides to do.  Whatever it is, she'll do it with a "full speed ahead" attitude.  :-) 

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