Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Gardening

John's been busy gardening this fall and has go the kids helping him. Here Will is collecting rabbit poop for the compost pile. Thumper can't figure out what he's doing.

Both are collecting poop now.

Will shoveling some more.

Kaity talking to Thumper.

Dumping into the compost pile.

And stirring.

Kaity, my farm girl, planting some annuals around the baby dogwood.

My fall garden project - a pretty Earthbox container! And, that's my new begonia from Tallahassee Nursery on the left. Definitely worth another field trip to that place.

And, John's major project is his garden. So far, he's tilled up 30 feet by 120 feet, but only planted a quarter of that. He's really excited about the strawberries pictured below.

And, the seedlings in the garden.

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