Thursday, September 16, 2010

Disney 2010: Day #1

Disney was awesome! We headed down Saturday morning and got to the Port Orleans French Quarter resort about 1. After getting checked in, we quickly headed out to the pool. It's a Mardi Gras theme throughout the resort and the pool had a big serpent slide. This was Will's favorite part of the whole trip - the slide. The pool was huge and no more than 4.5 feet all the way around. It was great. John watched the Gator game from the pool bar and we swam for several hours.

That morning Will had lost a tooth. I had heard that all you needed to do at a Disney resort was ask for something, so I went to the concierge to see if they could help a tooth fairy out. They couldn't do much, but I did exchange cash for Disney dollars and he got $3 Disney money. That's more than the tooth fairy would normally bring, but you can't get much at Disney for less than that.

After swimming, we headed to Downtown Disney. We were near there anyways and rode the free river boat down to it. Each of the kids had $50 to spend and money was burning a hole in Will's pocket. He had heard about the Lego store. We stopped altogether at the World of Disney store, but quickly figured out we needed to separate. Will was anxious to get to the Lego store and it was going to take Kaity forever to figure out what she wanted from the Disney much princess stuff to choose from. She finally ended up with a Marie kitty (from Aristocats), a Minnie doll, a snow globe, and a cute pen. Will spent all of his money on two Lego things.

Then we ate at the T-Rex restaurant. It was kind of fun, considering the complete chaos of the place. The food was okay, but the coolest part was the meteor shower. Every 20 minutes the place would go dark and there would be a "meteor shower" with lights and so on. All of the dinosaurs would come to life. We sat at a table with dinosaurs at it and people kept stopping to take pictures of them. Definitely a little weird.

After dinner, we headed back to the boat, but it was closed due to lightning. We rode the bus back to the hotel and this was definitely the worst part of the whole trip.

I've put all the pictures here Google Picasa of putting them on here. Just click the picture below. If you look at just the pictures, you might think we only took Kaity on this trip. Will was really NOT into getting his picture taken.

Tomorrow: Magic Kingdom!

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