Tuesday, May 18, 2010

That Means Donkey, Mom.

Will has finally caught on to reading and is able to sound most words out. Yesterday, as he's reading his book for school, he came over to tell me that it had a bad word in it so he wasn't going to read it. I was thinking there's no way it has a bad word. It's a first grade level book. I get over there to see and sure enough, the way he was reading it would have been a bad word. He was reading it as ass-is-tant. He told me it was a bad word and it meant donkey. I corrected him to say it's assistant, but a few thoughts went through my head.

1. What the heck are they talking about on the playground?
2. Wow, he's becoming a pretty good reader.
3. He knows the correct meaning of the word.

Rachel took this picture of Will at the beach this weekend.

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