Thursday, January 07, 2010

Bang, Bang!

We spent a lot of Christmas break doing this. Especially John. He went out every chance he got. Will also got a new BB gun. On this trip, John's best friend Ryan was with us.

Here Will's shooting one of John's pistols.

Kaity didn't want to shoot any this time. Her job was to put the spent shells back in the case nicely.

Will is shooting his BB gun on his belly. It's still a little big for him (it's actually almost too big for me.) He's shooting on John's new steady thing that he got for Christmas.

Ryan is helping Will figure out which eye is dominant. It's actually his left, but he wants to shoot right handed. We'll have to work on that.

Ryan let me shoot his new gun. It's a Smith and Wesson snubnose 38 special. It was really nice to shoot.

John's ready for us all to go again. Maybe soon we'll get to.

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