Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Wedding Weekend

Erin and Luke got hitched last weekend. Welcome to the family, Luke! The wedding was beautiful and we got to see lots of family and friends. I've got a few pics of Erin and Luke, but mostly pics of the kids to share. The kids story was pretty entertaining.

We started off the weekend tubing down the Itchetucknee. Alli and Mom talked us out of taking the kids. Probably a good idea. John and I shared a raft with a bottom and he spent most of it like this.

At wedding "practice," we decided Will and Kaity really couldn't walk down the aisle together. Will kept trying to give her directions and finally she stopped and said "STOP TELLING ME WHAT TO DO!" Pretty safe bet they should walk separately. She then continued to receive directions from mommy, grandma, erin and everyone in between. The last direction was from the officiant. He told her to throw the flowers in front of her instead of to the side. She gave the nastiest look I've ever seen her give an adult. This is a picture of the end of that practice walk down the aisle. You can see how happy she is.

Erin stayed at the Herlong Mansion in Micanopy. She got her hair done at my friend's house down the street and then had some of her bridal pictures taken there.

We all also got our hair done including Kaity. She actually had hers done three times. We were the first to Sonya's house and she started right away on Kaity. Of course, it didn't hold. We had to redo it and then she got to sit for awhile while everyone else got theirs done. And, she fell asleep on the couch. So after I rushed her down to get pictures. We came back and had her hair redone. This one held.

Earlier in the week, she had also told us that on Saturday no one was to call her Kaitlyn. Her name would be Sleeping Beauty all day because of her princess dress. She stuck to her guns on this one and we did call her that some of the day. Sonya also told her that it was her princess day as well as Erin's while she was getting her hair done. And, the photographer, Dawn, had her use princess smiles to get pictures. It worked.

Kanapaha has a pretty awesome maze that Will spent the better part of 30 minutes running around in. He looks pretty sharp in his outfit, but a little hot.

Will also loves to dance which he showed to everyone at the reception. He danced for about three hours straight. He told Alli and Scot that he thinks dancing might be "his thing." He learned all his moves by watching So You Think You Can Dance with me, or at least that's what he told people. After watching Grandpa do his fancy dancing, he tried to get Kaity to do all kinds of spins and stuff with him also. It was pretty funny.

Here he is doing his Egyptian move. That was his signature move of the night.

Kaity got into the strawberries and chocolate fountain about 10 pm. There was some definite double dipping go on and some wearage happening on the dress. Anyone got ideas on how to get chocolate out of a flower girl's dress?

John finally got me to dance with him.

Will danced with everyone including Grandma several times.

Dad and I watching the crazy people (Will and Grandma).

The bride and groom cutting the cake.

Congratulations Erin and Luke!

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erin said...

aw, great pictures! the wedding looked like it was beautiful, and the kids were adorable (as usual). good luck with the chocolate. :)


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