Thursday, June 04, 2009

Last Week of Kindergarten!

This has been two crazy weeks and I've got one more to go! Last week was a little vacation (Monday and Tuesday) and then lots of doctor appointments and so on which meant I was not at home or in the office much at all. This week, we're shooting for the 2010 season of Your Southern Garden. We've been in Gainesville most of the week, but it's been VERY long days. Saturday, I leave for a conference in Des Moines until Wednesday. This time of year is always really busy for me, but this year is especially busy!

Tomorrow is the last day of kindergarten for Will. He's had a great year and a great teacher. However, we've been discussing retaining him for another year of kindergarten since March or so. He's been with a tutor for the last two months and last week we were finally able to get him tested with an educational psychologist (thanks dad!). He came back as gifted dyslexic which means he's very, very smart, but also going to have to work hard. We met with the school today and he's made so much progress in the last six weeks that he's going to be promoted on to first grade! Over the summer, he's going to meet with a good friend of mine who is a speech and language therapist. Will has a few minor speech things that once he works through should help him with his reading. Tara has also worked with dyslexic children so she should be able to implement some good strategies with him. The psychologist also suspects that he has ADHD, but we'll need to talk with a pediatrician for a further diagnosis there. So, while everyone else is on break for the summer, Will is going to be in reading/speech therapy twice a week minimum and getting extra homework from his kindergarten teacher. He hopefully should be caught up with his reading skills by the time first grade starts. We're very excited to see him move on. He has three great friends (Chance, Dalton, and Coy) and, while they get in a lot of rascally trouble, they are also all wonderful little boys. We're very happy to see Will get to move with them.


sarah said...

Great news, Em. I love your blog redesign!

Sharon Maylene said...

I also love the new design on the blog! Don't worry about Will too much- you've been around enough to know that every kid has a certain way to learn and you just need to help him learn that way...he will be great and don't slap too many labels on him.


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