Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Taken with my phone camera because my camera batteries are dead. We decided to cut her hair after having lots of trouble washing her hair. It'll be cooler for the summer. Plus, it's really cute!



Food Hangover

Last weekend, I was recognized as a UF Outstanding Young Alumni. I represented the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. I'm not sure how I got the honor; others being recognized included the youngest judge in Florida, the head vet at the Atlanta Aquarium, a neurosurgeon, etc. But, it was still a really big honor and a neat weekend.

We started last Saturday off with an awards breakfast. I know that these things typically don't have real food, so I ate breakfast beforehand. But, I guess John didn't think about it. They really only had pastries, fruit, cheese, and salmon. John didn't realize the salmon was raw. He wasn't impressed with the breakfast.

From there, we went directly to the Orange & Blue game alumni bbq tent. Of course, John ate a lot at that.

One of the honors of being recognized was the chance to sit in the President's Box. After the bbq, we headed up to it. It was a very nice buffet, ice cream, desserts, cuban sandwiches, etc. We spent the hour before the game sampling the food. The President's Box is definitely not somewhere for serious game watchers to sit. I think very few were actually watching the game.

This is my friend and neighbor Cathy. She's also the director of the CALS Alumni & Friends so she got to go to the award ceremony with us.

To prove we were actually at the President's Box.

The view.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Eggs, eggs, and more eggs

We love dying eggs at our house. This year, I let each kid dye 18 eggs plus a banty egg. Way more boiled eggs than we need, but they are just so much fun to dye and hunt.

Naked children getting ready to dye.

This is my favorite picture from the whole weekend. It shows the chaos of dying eggs.

Grandma helping with the eggs.

This is the only shot we had of most of the dyed eggs.

Easter morning - we lined up to go outside by age. Kaity bolted out the door.

The Easter Bunny hid both the dyed eggs and fake eggs. And, we found them all!

My Favorite Earth Day Card

My friend and co-worker, Georgia, sent me this card for Earth Day. Boy, does she know me well. She's seen how well I treat my office plants.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Belated Easter

April is always a really busy month for us. Which is my only excuse for not posting sooner.

Easter was a lot of fun and a whole weekend of celebration and church activities. Saturday was spent at the church Easter activities which included crafts, egg hunts, races, face painting, etc.

Kaity would not do the egg races by herself.

Kaity is lucky enough to have several great grandmothers still living. Two of them got Easter dresses for her. She wore the yellow one on Saturday. It was from Great Granny Ramsey.

These were the Easter morning outfits from Great Nanny Dora.

Kaity did a LOT of posing all day.

We took a lot of family pictures Easter morning and didn't really get a good one. This is one of the best of the bunch.


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